Blow Molding

Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM)

High volume for healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical applications

Our world class, single stage, injection stretch blow molding equipment provides high quality bottles produced from multi cavity molds. The machine we use features direct heatcon with one-step, three-stations injection, drawing, blowing, ejection and is integrated with a chiller, mold temperature controller and material drier. We manufacture containers as small as 25 mL, and have considerable experience in the manufacture of ultra-clean bottles, wide mouth jars, round or square shaped bottles, oval, asymmetric or tailor-made containers. ISBM systems have flexibility over a wide range of filling volumes (100 mL – 2400 mL) and shapes, high production rate, high efficiency, “flashless”, lower energy consumption, simple operation, quick change over and easy maintenance.

At a glance

  • Flexibility over a wide range of filling volumes and container shapes
  • High production rates and line efficiency
  • Cost savings due to flashless molding and lower energy consumption
  • High transparency

Materials used

  • Polypropylene
  • Tritan (Copolyester)
  • Poly Ether Sulfon

Products made

  • Baby feeding bottles 25 mL - 240 mL
  • Pharma bottles 5mL – 25mL

Dimension of products that can be handled

Neck diameter up to 80 mm
Bottle height up to 335 mm
Capacity up to 2500ML

Accredited Quality

Our commitment to quality is the foundation of our business. The dedicated team and the process validations are backed up by effective Quality Management Systems and certifications that include:

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